The 13th anniversary of:

Digital Sweeps:
The Virtual Solution To Customer Management

Digital Sweeps is a Customer Relationship Manager & Database for storing information about your customers, in a easy to access way, stored safely and securely.


What sets us apart from others?
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Customizable Certificates

Email certificates and invoices directly onsite to the customer. Multiple versions available.

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Auto-Email Reminders

Reminders are sent autmaticcly when the customer is coming up to their due date.


Inbuilt diary

Book in customers easily and quickly in seconds

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Free Support

Stuck with our system?
Free telephone support, with Remote System Access when required

What does it look like?

This is one of the Main Sections you will use on our system; Here, you can fill out the customers details, Set up a booking and make a quick guide of the types, amount of appliances you are servicing on a property, and more!

Digital Sweeps is primarily used as a Chimney Sweeps most Effective tool, but with customization, you can get the system to apply to any trade specifically.

Database with Record

Why Use Our System?

Advanced Security

With password protected, locally stored data, the risk of a data breach is Vastly reduced, keeping your customers sensitive information away from malicious attackers.

Automatic Backups

With a system that saves automatic backups of your customers details to your devices, never risk losing your most valuable part of your business.

Easy Access

With a system specifically designed for ease of use at mind, make your job quicker, and more efficient, by using the most advanced Chimney sweeping software to date.

Lifetime Support

Unparalleled support, with the technical skill to make your system have all the features you need, and extensive knowledge of the chimney sweeping industry, so you don't have to stress about any part of a job.

Payment Tracking

Easily track outstanding payments with a in-built system for keeping tabs on who owes you money , and how much you have taken, so that you never miss out on hard works rewards.

Stove Installers Section

A designated section to make every element of the job easier for installers from:-

  1. On Site Assessment forms to Hearth & Hood Quotation forms,
  2. Individual flue and liner drop-down components and Quick Kit Dropdowns, to make Your Quotes & estimates easier
  3. Commission Sheets
  4. DEFRA stove lookup, section
  5. Notice plates
  6. Choose you deposit level
  7. Flue size Calculator.
  8. Invoicing and payment chasing builtin

Client Testimonials

" I chose this system because I have unreliable internet connection and no mobile signal at home, and I needed a system that would operate offline.

This software does just that, very well. It takes a while to get used to using any database, but the connectivity between iPhone, iPad and desktop make this a really useful tool.

Photos and video can be added to files with a couple of taps, certificates and invoices can be signed on the device and emailed whilst on the premises. I'm glad I moved from my online system.

Martin is always willing to talk things through and through experience he understands most of my needs

There are updates to the system regularly and he really seems to appreciate feedback. Thank you Martin."
JA Robins
Angus Robins - J A Robins Chimney Services
“In the past all our customers have been left to their own devices, only getting their chimneys cleaned when feeling its due.

The idea with taking on the Digital Sweeps program was to be able to keep track on when the chimneys have been done, what it costs, any problems I’ve come across, and taken a detailed information list on the job and property.

With the program emailing the customer or informing myself of when they are due just means that no stone is left unturned lessening the risk of chimney fires on my patch.

The customers have been really excited about the program feeling at ease knowing I’m looking after their best interest.

With having the photo file I can build an
in-depth customer information pack, knowing the best place to park,
What chimney pot and how high it will be. The fire place and how to take apart the appliance with capturing any damage at the same time.

The program is easy to use and takes very little time to work out but also having Martin at the end of a phone if you do get stuck makes any task less stressful.”
Dan Fisher - The Ashburton Chimney Sweep
“​I wish I’d been using the Database before.
It’s fantastic for keeping records and printing job sheets.

It’s brilliant when a customer calls to ask questions and you can look up their history in seconds.

Once a customer’s details are on the system all you have to do to rebook them is to add the date.

I did have some questions at the start but I was able to call Martin.
He understood what I was talking about and answered them brilliantly.

Digital Sweeps has become an invaluable tooI and I would highly recommend it.”
Russell Peace ​- Avondale Sweeps

Need some help?

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